Who Will Be the Largest US Carwash Chain in 2008?

The landscape and race for the largest carwash chain in the United States is changing fast. One fast mover is the company in Tucson, Car Wash Partners, a name that is climbing steadily. They are expanding their operations, but only when it makes sense to do so.

If you search for it there is a Business Plan online from a company called Car Wash Partners, and the actual Car Wash Partners Company does have Carwash operators operations in Boise. But, you must realize that they did not follow that business plan that is on the Internet, which is smart.

Mr. Peterson, at Car Wash Partners seems to have a decent team there and he talks a good game, believes in it, still the regional variation must be interesting for them, I think they have learned a lot between all the different types of carwashes they have run and what works, where and why. Their different car wash models look like a giant case study in the refinement of perfection, which it is hard to say if it is totally refine-able without, re-inventing it completely, but keeping it similar enough not to disrupt a customer’s perceptions of what a carwash is “suppose” to be.

They are in Missouri, Houston, Boise, Spokane, etc. and Sold out of Utah, I believe. They have an interesting model and business case study, at one time I think I had visited ALL their locations and taken notes. Some were flex service, some $5.00 quickly, some full serve, some with lubes, detail centers some not, one in Houston did smog checks, etc.

In Austin, TX they looked like they were competing well, that is tough market. Well, at one time or another, I have been to ALL the locations of many large carwash chains, some small ones too which regionally dominate. Carwashes are very interesting indeed, but I am a fan of robotics, so to me, that is a double interest. Recently, Car Wash Partners moved up to the number two car wash chain with the most locations in the US.

The Car Wash Partners needs to move forward, now is the time, but they will most likely need some “big money” to make a play or merge with or hyperspace by making a deal somewhere? Interesting isn’t it? Whatever they do, there is “opportunity in chaos” as Roger Peterson of CWP once told me, and thus, they should take advantage of these turbulent times and make a next step. And that’s what’s going on in the race to the top in 2008.

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