When Is The Best Time Of Year To Sell A Home?

Selling a property can be both difficult and frustrating at the best of times. The current global economy and turbulence in the property market has made the process of selling a home even more difficult and even more stressful.

Almost every single area of the country have been adversely effected by the lagging economy and Best Marana AZ Realtor property market conditions, as a result a seller must make a careful assessment of the pros and cons of their property before they even consider putting in on the market.

One of the most pressing and important question that needs to be answered right from the off is establishing the best time of the year to sell.

Your location carries some influence as buyers are less likely to buy during cold, wet weather (winter months). Potential buyers will be put off by the bad weather conditions and buying a new home will not be seen as a priority to them, that not to say you cannot sell your property at this time of year, but just there will be fewer potential buyers in the market compared to a warmer time of year.

Finding a good estate agent is without question one of the most important aspects of selling your home, but beware – decent, efficient and hardworking estate agents aren’t as easy to come by as you may think. This is where time must be taken to learn more about the agents in your area, try and go on recommendations from friends and family and look for an estate agent with a proven track record for selling property quickly and efficiently.

Due to the increase of homeowners trying to sell their properties, coupled with falling house prices nationwide, there is an over abundance of homes on the market at present. It is without question a buyer’s market. Nevertheless, this market is also plagued with potential pitfalls for the unprepared buyers. Many homes that are up for sale have not been properly processed meaning the buyer may find themselves stuck in the undesired position of a legal dispute and could potentially end up losing a lot of money in the process.

Although the current housing market may make for grim reading, all is not lost. The best thing to do therefore is to make the most of your estate agents knowledge, experience and expertise. They will know from their own past and current experiences when they have had the best sales run during the year and consequently when most sales are achieved (the best time for you to sell!). They will be well aware that the marketing for the properties is ongoing and that photos of the properties look their best when the foliage is out in full bloom and the skies are blue and sunny, as this is what appeals most to a prospective buyer.

In conclusion, the best time of the year to sell a house is usually from the early spring to the late fall. There are exceptions and this isn’t to say that selling a home at a different time of year is not possible, but this is a good rule of thumb to remember and consider. Your estate agent should be working extremely hard for you fining potential buyers and interested parties, if they are doing their job properly – as you should be making sure they are – there is no reason why you cannot achieve the home sale you desire. Whatever the time of year!


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