What Is A Portable Air Compressor Used For?

Air tools are frequently used tools. They are used by professionals such as interior designers, independent construction workers and contractors; as well as home owners and novices. It goes without saying that where air tools are used, air compressors are required. In the same breath, portability is a crucial factor for all tool users who do not want to be weighed down by a bulky compressor that takes up a lot of space.

Though portable compressors are synonymous with tire inflators, they can also be used to operate other power tools. In changing a flat tire, portable compressors have shortened the process by removing the requirement for a car jack and spare tire. They Spare parts for Caterpillar are used to inflate the flat tire quickly, so that the driver can get back on the road.

Air compressors are used with a plethora of other pneumatic tools. A common tool, especially for home use, is the inflation kit. They can be used to inflate everything from footballs to bicycle tires. Other useful tools are enumerated below.

1. Nail Gun

This is another common use for a portable compressor. They are used for punching nails on surfaces. An essential tip is to ensure that the nail gun is held flat against the surface being nailed and that the other side is clear.

2. Air spray

This makes painting a breeze by speeding up the application process and giving the surface a smooth finish.

3. Blow-gun

The attachment is vital for blasting unreachable dust, grease and dirt. It is used mostly for cleaning electronic items like PCs, television sets, and others. When operating this gadget, measures should be taken to keep the Blow-gun blowing away from body parts, especially the eyes.

4. Air stapler

They are stronger and more reliable than manual staplers and are used for heavy stapling jobs. The machine in use must always be held flat to the surface that is being stapled. There are larger staplers; some available for attaching roofing shingles.

5. Sandblaster

The sandblaster is used to prepare surfaces for painting by using pressurized air to remove rust, dirt and dust. The machine is also effective in cleaning equipment and degreasing engines when it is used with soap and water.

6. Air sander

Traditionally, the dual-action air sanders are used to remove rust and prepare a surface for painting. Nevertheless, they can also be used in the home. Note that the tool needs to touch the surface it is sanding when it is turned on.

Other tools include; the air ratchet, air hammer, air drill and impact wrench. These tools are mainly used for industrial and heavy-duty work in motor vehicle and assembly, building and construction and masonry.

Most of these tools are found at local hardware stores, with the speciality air tools available for renting. Note that it is important to read and understand the specific instructions that come with the tool. Instruction manuals come bundled in the package or can be found online. Although, portable compressors are becoming indispensable fixtures in our everyday lives, we must remember to exercise caution while enjoying the use of these tools.


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