Some Secrets About the Cool Sunglasses You Don’t Know

Sunglasses are cool accessories. Those of different appearances and styles are able to present the wearers different looks. Therefore, they are hot items of many people fond of fashion. However there are many secrets that you may not know about these cool sunglasses. Then what are they?

It is better not to wear sunglasses than to wear disqualified sunglasses

You must feel rather happy when you find fairly cheap cool sunglasses in a small optical store along the street, however, exports remind us that most of them are poorly made and they are incapable to block ultraviolet radiations. The exports states that it is better not to wear sunglasses than to wear disqualified sunglasses.

Reasons given, we come to know that, pupil of eyes would naturally get contracted in strong sunlight so as to reduce harmful rays shining into eyes, and get dilated when light soften so as to guarantee a good vision. Disqualified sunglasses harm eyes by merely softening the light without blocking ultraviolet radiations, as a result of which when pupil get dilated, more UV, right through the lenses, shine into eyes. Therefore, it is inadvisable to wear low quality sunglasses just for the sake of saving money.

The colors of sunglass lenses are irrelevant with the capacity to block UV

Many sunglass buyers would ask which lenses of which color would stop UV best? Actually, the colors of sunglass lenses merely relates to the capacity to shade sunlight, but not relates to that to block UV.

Sunglasses with light grey, brown or coffee lenses are thought to perform best to shade light; and those with green, amber and blue lenses rank second; those with red lenses are suitable to wear when you are having sun bath or entertaining in snow fields. Usually the lighter the sunglass lens color comes to be, the worse they perform to shade sunlight. If others would see your eyes clearly through sunglass lenses, your lens color is thought to be too light to soften strong light.

Therefore, it can be easily drawn a conclusion from the above information that one should take the quality of both lenses and frames and functions into consideration ranter than just consider the appearance and style. Only by this way can a cool summer with cool sunglasses can be perfectly guaranteed.

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