Opt For a Completely Alternative Cancer Treatment Program

Why would a person diagnosed with cancer choose to refuse orthodox treatments and instead turn to alternative treatments? That’s a good question. But there are people who shun chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy preferring to take one or more of the many forms of alternative cancer treatment. Why?

One of the main reasons is not because some people believe alternative treatments work – and many people do believe that – but rather because they believe the orthodox treatments damage the human body. Now that claim is true and those who believe in orthodox treatments know this. Everyone knows that chemotherapy can make the patient sick, lose their hair, feel wretched, etc. But if their cancer is defeated with orthodox treatment then suffer the consequences they will.

But those who advocate using only alternative treatments argue that orthodox treatments fentanyl withdrawal, if they are successful, can often mean the patient will remain on drugs for the rest of their life. The human immune system becomes affected by orthodox treatments and the recovered patient needs drugs to help their damaged immune system to work properly.

So that is one reason why some people avoid orthodox treatments and pursue alternatives. And like any cancer patient, regardless of which type of treatment they receive, the sooner they begin the treatment the better. The cancer cells need to be attacked as soon as possible.

Supporters of natural remedies, of alternative treatments, argue their way is better for several reasons. They believe alternatives can be given in large doses because they are not toxic, that the treatments do not harm the patient in any way and several treatments can be carried out simultaneously working on more than one problem at the same time.

A large dose of the drugs used in chemotherapy would have disastrous effects on a patient and could even kill them. But a fruit or vegetable juice can be consumed in large quantities with no side affects at all. Natural remedies have no harmful impact on the patient. And more than one alternative treatment provided at the same time means the patient can be attacking dangerous cells yet building their body’s immune system simultaneously.

Next we come to the question of what is happening in today’s world regarding cancer treatments. Well a tour of any cancer hospital will show you that many patients still receive orthodox treatments. Some of those who support using only alternative treatments argue that so-called interested parties, such as drug companies, have a vested interest in promoting orthodox treatments. Chemotherapy or chemical therapy can be given to a cancer patient for years after their initial treatment. There is vast wealth invested in drug research and production.

So where does this place the cancer patient who knows little or nothing about either type of treatment? To whom do you turn? Good question. There is certainly a vast amount of information online and elsewhere singing the praises of this and that treatment.

You can certainly opt for only an alternative approach to your cancer treatment. Many have already done so. Explore the possibilities and keep an open mind.


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