Noise Cancelling Headphones Reviewed

Well almost anyone will tell you that Bose are currently the benchmark for noise cancelling headphones. Their QuietComfort 2 headphones offer superb noise reduction and extraordinary sound quality over their competitors. The over the ear or circumaural headsets are simply a cut above what Sony, JVC and Sennheiser are currently offering. Enhanced audio performance and styling are packaged in a lightweight and comfortable unit that conveniently folds flat for travelers. However consumers can rest assured that Bose’s competitors will undoubtedly be developing new models, aimed at trying to knock Bose of its perch in the near future, but for now let’s see what make them the market leaders.

Bose has been at the cutting edge of noise cancelling technology for years, holding a patent on Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphone Technology. This mouthful translates into an electronic system that is extremely effective at reducing ambient noise without compromising the music or movie dialogue. This ability to reduce unwanted noise while still preserving the desired sounds is obviously the crux of active noise cancellation and according to [], Bose simply do it better than the others.

Bose has also developed a Tri-Port acoustic sell your beats headphones structure that enhances the deeper sounds in spite of a compact headphone design. This allows Bose to make headphones that punch far above their weight, so to speak.

Another aspect of noise cancelling headphone market that Bose have considered is those of us who simply want to cancel noise without listening to music. The QuietComfort 2 headphones enable you to remove the audio cable from the headset when only the noise cancelling feature is desired and enjoy tangle free serenity. Furthermore, the headphones boast a Hi/Lo feature that allows the wearer to save battery power when using various power sources. The Lo setting is designed for use when plugged into AC powered equipment such as in-flight entertainment, while the Hi setting is more useful for saving battery power of Laptops and portable battery powered devices.

In the midst of all of these new features, Bose have still maintained the standard features that consumers expect from headphones, such as:

– an ample length cord

– plug adaptor for use on home stereo equipment

– portable carrying case

– low battery life indicator

– adjustable headband and,

– single earcup audio cable


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